Skate Deck Art

Spring 2016

I love non white canvases, and find skate-decks to be an amazing and convenient canvas for my style of art. The style I use on my skateboards is more my street / subconscious abstract chaos ‘thing’. The boards shape, size and robustness help me out to no end. Not being locked down to one room with an easel is freeing. I use paintbrush and markers with the Molotow range acrylic hybrid paints. 

All these decks are hand painted, no stencils or screen prints yet, decks are done with little to no forward planning. Some have had sketched outlines and some are fully chaotic pieces. All have a 3 or 4 colour palette and all are done as art pieces and come with a mounting kit called DeckDock.

The decks and deckdock kits are Australian sourced and all pens are Molotow and purchased locally in Perth. Better images to come. All decks are given a clear coat (usually matt) this acrylic and low in yucky shit. This helps protect the boards from scratches, sun damage and ice cream.

My apologies for the rushed photography. Colours are much more poppy and light.

Bloody Typical
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